ATL!!! Celebrate Hip Hop with The Ladies!

Along with the fine folks at the Temple of Hip Hop, we here at GhettoManga will be observing Hip Hop Appreciation Week from May 16th - May 23rd. But you know them kids in Atlanta always get out in front of t'ings, so they're jumping it off early with "My Chick Bad", an all-female show celebrating the ladies' contribution to hip hop featuring 6 emcees and 1 deejay on Saturday the 15th at the Apache Cafe. One of my new favorite emcees will be holding it down at the show, the lovely and talented Boog Brown...

If I was gonna be in the ATL this weekend, I'd work my plans around getting to that joint. If you're in the area, get down with some real hip hop! As for me, I'll just take the opportunity to post a couple Boog Brown joints!

to get more Boog in your life, click here

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