Jay drops another joint...

Jay Electronica continued his reign as the people's champ Friday, dropping another unfinished banger, his ode to B.I.G's memory (and the spirit of dope pop rap), the aptly-titled Ghost of Christopher Wallace with adlibs from Diddypuff...

There's really no reason to listen to anything after the 2:25 mark, as it's just Diddy being Diddy (dropping irritating, drunken rambling of absolutely no musical value whatsoever), but that first bit is prototypical Jay Electra... Jay spits classic rap wisdom within lyrics that give more to repeat listeners. Yeah, I know you want Jay to drop an album (who doesn't?), but for now, just take the free songs and be happy. How 'bout that? According to the artist, this song is unfinished, but feel free to download it here if you can't wait on the finished version.


Brandon G said...

As much as I like this and Jay Electronica in general ending his verse with "even twitter said" is pretty cheezedick and then Shawn Combs comes in like so much ass hat.

It's like in dragon ball when Goku wears lead shoes to slow him down and still wins fights.

samax said...

I'm with you there.

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