Herman Heed is almost DONE!

Herman Heed pg 23 by Samax Amen

You're looking at the artwork for the last page of Herman Heed: The Case of the Mysterious Missing Bigfoot. The lettered page has already been sent to the client, and the cover and a promo art piece are all that's left to do to wrap this book up. look for the cover artwork as well as more Herman Heed news coming soon... to peep previous pages just click here.
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Arkonbey said...

Aw, poor Cullen.

I thought the Yeti was a female and that she'd hook up with Bigfoot.

It'd never work, unless he discovered he liked snowboarding as much as surfing.

samax said...

yeah, plus bigfeet are from Mars, Yetis are from venus... or something...

but yeah, I kinda felt sorry for Cullen, too. He's broke as a joke, but he's definitely a smart guy. His problem is that he keeps on getting locked up in competition with Herman, who's just a bit smarter.

ross said...

looks awesome. heh, those dogs, so funny.

i know it's not some life-consuming 2000-page project, but are you glad to be moving on and being done?

samax said...

It's always gratifying to finish a project.

The client will be finishing a new Herman Heed script soon, so I'll return to these characters (not sure if the dogs reappear, but Cullen is definitely in it). But I'm pleased to wrap up this story for a little while.

I did a couple longer stories for this client (69 pages and 85 pages), and got very attached to the characters. I still was very happy to complete the assignments, though.

I look forward to getting to do a 200+ story some day, but I'm sure around page 89-114 I will be ready to throw in the towel... LOL!

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