Rachel Rage 2: More Southern Hostility

I received my copy of Rachel Rage: Sketchy in the mail last week! If you ever want to read a comic that has NO chance of being duplicated by the Big Two, just get your hands on anything by Rachel Rage creator John Aston. Just make sure your grandma doesn't see it, 'cause if she doesn't die of shock, she'll burn your comicbook collection...

anyways, Sketchy collects several short stories from the Rachel Rage webcomic, and raises just as many questions as it answers. Aston takes a little time to explore characters from Rachel Rage universe and reinforces the seedy, dark tone he established in the ghettoManga Award-nominated graphic novel Rachel Rage: Heartland.
If you've already read Heartland, you will be well-prepared to enjoy the series of shorts in Sketchy, which really serves best to whet your appetite for volume 3. If you haven't read Heartland, I strongly recommend you get that one first, so you can get the punch of Aston's overall narrative. Read my review of Heartland here, or just go ahead and order it by clicking here.
The new book is a lot of fun once you're ready for it. It introduces a few new characters and spends time with the main cast. Like Aston's other Sketchy books, there's lots of cool behind-the-scenes artwork as well as a blank page he does a sketch just for you! The new book also includes some great Rachel Rage fan art, including one by me, so I was pleased to see that in print! Sketchy's definitely work checking out for fans of Rachel Rage and Aston's other books.
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