Introducing... Bigfoot Steve

Herman Heed pg 20 by Samax Amen.
Lookie here, lookie here... At long last, Herman has found Steve! But will Herman be able to convince him to come back home? I mean, Steve looks like he's straight CHILLIN'!
we'll see...


Arkonbey said...

oh, man. In the third panel you captured the 'dude grin' perfectly.

I'm sensing something story-wise, but, I may be wrong.

samax said...


I've been waiting the whole time to draw that one panel! One of the things I learned is patience... I mean, who DOESN'T wanna draw a talking bigfoot in scuba gear?

I kept my character designs of Bigfoot Steve (who I also call 'Scuba Steve") to a minimum so I would stay fluid and motivated, and it worked pretty well.

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