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My readers already know how big a fan I happen to be of Texas rhyme animal Bavu Blakes, so I won't go into it right now... but suffice to say I was pleased to hear that he was dropping a video for the his song Me On the Mic, which debuted today on the omnipresent shopping mall we call the worldwide web.

The whole “school-a-rapper” place Bavu is coming from here is easily my favorite genre of rapping. I think hip hop is full to the top with dudes who seriously need a father figure in their life, and half of the ignorant isht they do is just rebelling against the dad they never had… so it's refreshing when Bavu sons these whippersnappers in the tradition of the true masters. And he features his alter-ego Vooski (which Bavu says may be closer to his 'real' self) singing on the hook without needing to employ autotune.
anyways, if you need more Bavu in your life (who doesn't?) just click here.
have a great day!
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