Project Amelia- A Comic in the Making

we at ghettoManga all believe that comicbook artists oughta be at least as famous and sought-after as rock stars, movie actors and other creative geniuses. When it comes to pass, cats like Michael Lagocki and Josh Boulet (pronounced boo LAY) will be part of making it happen! but maybe I'm getting ahead of myself...

frequent readers of GhettoManga are already familiar with the work of indie phenom Josh Boulet (The Wrong Night in Texas, The Green Reefer), whose comics I've written about in the past... and Mike writes guest posts for me enough that you ought to remember the name even IF you didn't already know he and I collab on comics as 2/5ths of the mighty GhostWerks crew (Champion of Children, GhostWerksComics).  So anyways Michael and Josh are working together on a new comic called Amelia Chang Alters the Course of the Universe about a a miracle child whose unique lineage makes her extremely powerful.
Michael and Josh have set up a blog called Project Amelia to show how the work on the comic is progressing. It's better than a double disk DVD fammo! Peep script excerpts as well as the art on the comic at several stages, and get the scoop on what the duo is up to whenever they aren't working on the comic! To peep  Project Amelia, just click here.



Art Love said...

Thanks Samax!

This project is a blast to work on, and we seem to be making regular progress.

I've been updating the blog each time we work so that we're clear on what we accomplished and can see the whole thing coming together.

Check back every once in a while to see new art and behind the nonsense info. Making comics rocks.


samax said...


BooLAY said...

GhettoManga helps save the day!

samax said...


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