PREVIEW! Shadow Eyes by Ross Campbell

this summer will be a freaking minefield of dope comics! One of the ones I'm drooling over is Shadoweyes, the new superhero-monster comic by Ross Campbell (Wet Moon, Mountain Girl, Water Baby). The 204 page debut volume is due out in July from SLG, but I came upon another preview on CBR yesterday, so I posted the pages below. 
This is from the middle of the book, so you may want to read the opening 10 page preview I posted last month first if you haven't already.

Shadoweyes will be Campbell's first true foray into superhero comics, and that has me really excited! He shows a real mastery of storytelling techniques and artistic discipline in his previous books. He can draw girls and guys of all colors and body types convincingly, and has shown a distinct interest in writing stories about cool weird chicks. The more I got to know Ross on the web, I was pleased to find out that he actually likes superhero comics and has very specific and ambitious ideas about what he wants to do.  Everything that I've heard and seen about Shadoweyes tells me that all his considerable skills will be brought to bear on this one!
Anyways, Shadoweyes Volume One is dropping from SLG Publishing on July 13th, but I already preordered my copy on To read more of my gushing about Ross's work... just click here.

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Arkonbey said...

dang, that guy can draw!.

Thanks for the reminder.

I hit Heavy Ink and checked, but it's not in stock yet. I'll see if my LBS can get it if HI can't.

samax said...

It drops July 13th, so it'll be a minute... I am in full dork mode, so expect more as the blessed day approaches!

B_Steelo said...

I like this cat. I'm intrigued to see this one.

ross said...

thanks for the support and the plugs, as always!!! much appreciated.

i really really really hope you like Shadoweyes. I'M FREAKING OUT. XD

samax said...

breathe in a bag, dude! BREATHE!

yeah, you got a gang of talent, fam! We are excited to read the book!
SO looking forward to it!

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