Low Tech Optimus Prime

peep this fresh Optimus Prime drawing by your man Jesse Starr. Drawing the design of the Autobot leader from the Transformers movie franchise would be hard with state of the art tools, and J. Starr drew this piece using only BIC ballpoint pens! Unbelievable? click that joint for a closer look! go ahead, I'll wait...
dope, huh? I really like to sketch without cheap ballpoints myself, and every now and then, I crank out a heater, but this takes the cake! dude is selling limited edition prints on his blog, so run go get that! just click here!


Antwain Marcy said...

that's that realness of creativity inside.

samax said...


Arkonbey said...


In an age where some young artists think they need a tablet, Jesse shows that all you need is talent.

Extreme talent.

My favorite part is the soft subtleties of the windshield.

samax said...

word. when you got drawing skills, there's really no 'wrong' way to do it...

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