PREVIEW: Doomwar (Black Panther, Storm & FF vs Doom)

Doctor Doom is taking on the Wakandan Royal Family and their allies and winning! But they look like they're pulling out all the stops to fight back in this free preview of DOOMWAR #4 I repatriated from CBR.

Here's the sales pitch:
So far, Doctor Doom has won every round. With an army of indestructible shock troops, a horde of enhanced super-villains, and a new and terrifying level of personal power at his disposal, Doom is ready to crush the Fantastic Four, Storm and the Panthers for good. The only chance our heroes have to survive Doom’s deadly game is to change the rules. Enter: Deadpool.
I guess Deadpool is the new 'it' guy at Marvel (like Spidey, Punisher, Wolverine or Ghost Rider in days past) that guests in every book... I haven't been reading much mainstream stuff lately, so I really just noticed in the last couple months. Preparation  for a Deadpool movie, I guess...
Anyways, Scot Eaton is getting it on with these pencils...
BONUS! Bells of DOOM by the mighty MF DOOM

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B_Steelo said...

man I can't wait to get that, dude

samax said...

yeah, I need to get caught up!

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