LAST CHANCE to kick in on Production IG's "Kick Heart"

If you missed the Kickstarter campaign for Production IG's pro-wrasslin' romance anime Kick Heart and were planning on contributing via Paypal for a share of these SWEET rewards, your window of opportunity is closing fast. peep this update...

 For those unfamiliar with this project, famed anime studio Production IG successfully raised $200 grand on Kickstarter to help fund Kick Heart, the Romeo VS Juliet vision of writer-director Masaaki Yuasa (Mind Game, Samurai Champloo). The film is finished and the DVD, Blu-Ray and CD OST publishing is in-process. Rewards are mostly done and fulfillment is being coordinated (as serial backers and Kickstarterers know, fulfillment is a real booger). Backers should get their stuff by the end of April.

A big-screen premier is being put together in Los Angeles as we speak, and the film is being entered into film festivals. If you want to kick in for some rewards, click here to do it now! The Paypal link is coming down March 14th at 10 pm EST, so don't sleep!!!

I can't speak for anyone else, but I find it very exciting to help bring a creative writer-director's vision to the screen, unfiltered by the film funding process. I sincerely hope the film will find new life (and distribution cash!) from the film festival circuit so more people can get to see it!
Stay tuned...


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