A new MICE TEMPLAR series starts here!

 I'm a big fan of Glass and Oeming's anthro fantasy comic The Mice Templar, so it pleased me to see this preview of The Mice Templar IV: Legend on CBR...

Mice Templar TPB Vol. 01
If you've never read Mice Templar, I highly recommend it.  I originally picked up the book to appreciate Oeming's cartooning, but the story he and writer Bryan Glass spin is top notch. The typical sword and sorcery conventions take on new life when the story follows mice instead of humans, and again, Oeming's love of mythology and mysticism is transparent in the art. If want to try out Mice Templar, click here to start with Volume 1: The Prophecy, meanwhile the first issue of volume four arrives in stores April 3rd.


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