For those who don't know, Comixology is like the iTunes of comics. Leading the digital revolution and all that... so you can imagine how pleased we are that Kung Fu Skratch (formerly Kung Fu Swagger) is releasing its digital issues on the trendy iOS, Android and PC friendly platform, starting with issue one. Here's a preview of the first issue below.
Here's the sales pitch:
Fifteen year old Jason Stonewall and his father, Raymond Stonewall return to the American town of Brickhaven after a year long training sojourn overseas in the East. Now the young martial arts prodigy must deal with his first day as a freshman in high school, b-boy bullies, girls, Brickhaven High's most notorious gang, the SHO'GUNNZ and their menacing leader, the Banchō Gangsta - - FA'SHO! 

Series writer Adrian Engmann opens up his hip hop kung fu comic the way every comic should start: with deadly combat! To their credit, Engmann and company do more than supply an issue long fight scene. This issue introduces us to Jason and the entire Stonewall clan, as well as putting all the pieces on the board for what looks like a great fight comic
Comixology has only recently started taking indie comics submissions, so this is kind of a big deal for Engmann and his team.

"I'm so humbled and excited about this moment, and I have to thank each and every one of you because without you this comic may have not  happened!" said the Houston-based writer, who returned to Kickstarter to fund the comic in 2012 after a failed attempt.   

Engmann announced the Comixology release in a recent update to backers.  "Now, I have redemption codes for the backers who ordered the digital copy of KFS! #1... Ya'll who ordered the floppy copies, we'll have them to you within March-April.
But yeah, this is some epic stuff."
As someone who has been following this project for a long time, a backer of the Kickstarter, an interested participant in the digital comics movement, and an obvious enthusiast for the combination of comics and hip hop culture, I wholeheartedly recommend you cop Kung Fu Skratch on Comixology, and harass Engmann to serve you up a physical copy, too.


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