Playdough battles on the Radio

I'm not gonna badmouth my local radio stations 'cause I have friends who work there... I mean, they're doing their best to bring us real hip hop, but... you know, it's the radio, so... yeah. What was I saying? OH YEAH! So I had no idea that they did a rap battle segment on 97.9 the Beat, but looks like our dude Playdough called in and won it five weeks in a row...

"The people demanded it so here it is. In 2008 Playdough showed his city who's boss by winning 5 weeks in a row on 97.9 The Beat's Freestyle Fridays. Most of the competition wasn't much to speak of, but who is against the self proclaimed Greatest Emcee In the World? Every week will be updated with another battle. We hope you enjoy!"
Clearly, Playdough was having fun against a dude who just wasn't up to it... but don't step in the ring, unless you are ready to box, nah mean?


corance said...

It don't matter 'cause his rhymes all lies/his tongue ain't a artist but it still draws flies


samax said...


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