Something my wife would care about...

I have had very little success converting my wife into a comicbook reader. But one book that I've been able to turn her on to is Ross Campbell's slice-of-life ogn* series Wet Moon.
She loves the book's easy pace and the virtuosity of Ross's character design and storytelling skills. After 5 volumes of Wet Moon, Ross switched gears to work on his critically acclaimed post apocalyptic superhero series Shadoweyes, prompting my wife (who otherwise never attempts to talk comics) to ask periodically about the future of Wet Moon.
"Wet Moon Lives!" Ross stated emphatically on DeviantArt. He clarified that he expected volume 6 of the series to reach stores in the first quarter of 2012. "I know that's forever from now, but I wanted to put something out there, even if it's just the cover."  He was also considering rolling out Wet Moon as a page-a-week webcomic to help tide over long-suffering Wet Moon fans. "To anyone who's been reading the series, THANK YOU!!! and thank you, and an apology, to everyone who has been waiting since volume 5, thank you so much for bearing with me and being patient all this time." he said, adding  "I hope volume 6 is worth it."


Arkonbey said...

Wet Moon is pretty cool, but I'm getting all antsy waiting for Shadoweyes in Love.

(I have to add this: and my wife is to. Ha!)

Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

Love is stuff, maybe i can turn my boo onto it too!

samax said...

@ Arkonbey- yeah, I'm really looking forward to the next Shadoweyes book, but my wife wasn't into it. She seriouslu ♥s Wet Moon though...

@Tres- We highly recommend it!

ross said...

thanks so much for the write-up and plug, as always!!! much appreciated. i'm going to be doing some artist features on deviantart, and you might see a familiar face or two... ;)

i'm really glad your wife is so into Wet Moon, tell her thank you. and i'm sorry she wasn't into Shadoweyes, d'oh! too violent? too futuristic? too young adult?

samax said...

@Ross- yeah, who knows? My wife is a fickle creature... I think Shadoweyes is just too much like a "normal" comicbook for her. I think if she read it, she would like it.

She is SUPER girly... the only other comics she reads are the "Pride and Prejudice" and "Sense and Sensibilities" adaptations.

She really responds to the pacing, subject matter and the dialogue of Wet Moon. Girls talking nervously about their love lives, etc. It is well-drawn, and has smooth, easy storytelling. Comics fans often respond to dynamism and crazy layouts, but that stuff turns her off.

Also, the diversity of the characters. The girls in Wet Moon deal with body issues in a way that feels realistic, but each girl is portrayed as having her own sex appeal. My wife sees bits of herself and her friends in different characters.

She loves it. If you ever come to a convention in Dallas, let me know... I'm sure she'd love to meet you!

ross said...

maybe if i met your wife in person i could convince her to read Shadoweyes! it has some superheroics but it still has tons of girl conversation! and Sparkle! my girliest character ever!!!

i think Shadoweyes has kind of an uphill battle, the conventions of "regular" superhero comics seem to work against it. :( oh oh, what if i held Wet Moon 6 ransom? i won't finish it until your wife reads Shadoweyes! bwahaha.

samax said...


risky... My wife is a tough customer...

I like your chances to talk her into reading Shadoweyes better than forcing her. Catch more flies with honey than vinegar and all that...

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