RIP Dwayne McDuffie

Comic writer, animation producer and respected industry veteran Dwayne McDuffie passed away on Tuesday from complications due to a surgical procedure performed Monday evening.

Although he has been in the comics game since the '80s, he's best known as a strong voice for diversity in comics, both on and off the page, and the co-founder of Milestone Media. He co-created Milestone characters like Static, Icon Hardware and Xombi. 
In addition to his ground-breaking work at Milestone, he has also written mainstream books like  Fantastic Four and Justice League of America. He was story editor on the wildly popular cartoon show Justice League Unlimited, and was the writer of several of DC's direct to DVD features, including All-Star Superman, which went on sale today.
DC co-publisher Dan DiDio said of McDuffie "He will not only be remembered as the extremely gifted writer whose scripts have been realized as comic books, in television shows and on the silver screen, but as the creator or co-creator of so many of the much-loved Milestone characters, including Static Shock. The industry has lost a true talent."
We, along with his many fans, offer our condolences to his wife and family, and all his friends.
Nuff Respect...


corance said...

He was a jewel of the industry. We'll miss him.

samax said...

I'll be mourning for a while... dude was a giant. Not a household name, but he should be...

Empath said...

This is really, really sad.

jeffrey white aka Jay Dubb said...

R.I.P. to one of my heroes.

samax said...


ross said...

really sad. i don't think i have anything to say that other people aren't saying already, seems like there should just be a day or two of silence or something.


samax said...


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