PREVIEW: "Shadoweyes in Love" by Ross Campbell

For all my fellow Ross Campbell fans (or anybody who likes good comics), here's a 30 page preview of his upcoming graphic novel Shadoweyes in Love, which is due out April 12th.

Ross is killing it! I hope this book really finds its audience... Although I'm sure it's not for everyone (what is?), I haven't heard of anyone reading the first Shadoweyes book who didn't like it, and Ross is really hitting all the right buttons for the mass market, while still staying true to the strengths that made his earlier books so awesome. Obviously, my wife would prefer that he just stick to Wet Moon, but she isn't so selfish that she would deny him the possibility of a long, fruitful career!
I think it's extremely cool how he's combining the competing sidekicks angle into the love triangle with the new book! In Shadoweyes, Ross has shown a great tendency to mix the expected with the unexpected, and that's always commendable. I don't see how Sparkle could possibly compete with Noah as a crimefighting partner, but I'm excited to see it unfold in the book! Anyways, Shadoweyes Volume 2: Shadoweyes in Love is available for preorder in shops and on Amazon, and Shadoweyes Volume One is in stores now, plus you can read volume one free online at


ross said...

Samax, you really rock. you're so good to me, man, i truly appreciate it from the depths of my heart, and i'm being totally sincere here. thanks for everything.

i really have to start plugging all my favorite artists out there like you, i have such a hard time making the time for even regular blog posts. i'm so easily overwhelmed. someday soon i'll repay you, i promise! :)

samax said...

don't sweat it. As long as you keep making good comics, letting people know about it is its own reward

Arkonbey said...

I am so not looking at the preview! I'm going to wait until my LBS* calls. Then, I'm heading in, grabbing an espresso and cracking that thing open and savoring the awesomeness...

*I've had it on pre-order since it was announced

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