NYC vs Optimus Prime

I guess that whole "robots in disguise' thing can backfire every once in a while, because your favorite robot (Autobot number one, the mighty Optimus Prime) got nailed for illegally parking in New York during the Toy Fair. So either Prime's Stealth is impeccable, or someone in the Department of Transportation don't love them robos...

you gotta give it to Prime for not transforming and trying to argue his way out of the ticket, or trying to peel out as the traffic cop was whipping out the pad and pen. He's a true professional... But who knows, maybe Optimus already knew his peeps in the Defense department could get the ticket fixed for him... or at the very least, Transformers director Michael Bay will pay it. He's definitely got the bread...



ross said...

don't forget to give a shout out to the artist of the pic you used, Tim Kelly! ;)

samax said...

word. Thanks for reminding me! Tim is awesome, and a really nice guy! I made the pic a link to his dA!

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