Check out this STEVEN UNIVERSE #3 preview from @BOOMstudios!

 I became an instant fan of Cartoon Network's Steven Universe when I stumbled onto the KABOOM series of Steven's misadventures as the mostly powerless member of the Crystal Gems superhero squad. STEVEN UNIVERSE is like Snarf or Orko having their own series while the Lion-O, He-man or whoever are off saving the world in the background.  Anyways, I was late to the party, but I'm glad to be here. Peep this preview of Steven Universe #3
The sales pitch:  
Greg Universe plans on entering Beach City’s monthly Open Mic Night to really show Steven and Beach City that even though he may not have a lot of hair, he IS Greg Universe. Meanwhile, the Gems are busy trying to catch a beast that moves too fast for them. It’s nothing but fighting and mighty fine tunes in this super fun issue!

If I hadn't cut my dreadlocks back in the day, I would pro'ly look like a brown Greg Universe right now. Just throwing that out there. Anyways, I became an instant STEVEN UNIVERSE fan last month, thanks to this series from the fine folks at (ka)BOOM. As you may know, I wish every cartoon also had a comic version, the better to hook kids on comics. As it turns out, many cartoons have gotten the comicbook treatment, and it seems like more continue to all the time! Much love to all the publishers big and small doing what is needed to keep the invisible art alive. When Disney bought Marvel, I was afraid that BOOM's seemingly inevitable loss of the Disney licenses would be the end of their high-quality kid-friendly imprint kaboom. Thankfully, kaboom was born again hard thanks to a timely deal with Cartoon Network, home to classics like the mighty Adventure Time.  There's tons of diverse, well-made content for kids now, both licensed and original stuff. So if you have little ones, there's a resurgence of comics you can share with them while you're buying cussing super-bastard comics for yourself.
STEVEN UNIVERSE #3 hits shops Wednesday, October 15th.

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ajc.INK said...

I got into the show once I found out how diverse the cast of voice actors also helps that my 2 year old likes the show too....

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