"Disappear fear and eradicate doubt. Say something real or shut your damn mouth..." @WiseIntelligent

Wise Intelligent was back in my inbox this morning with this banger, and I had to share it with you. Top 50 is an ode to Wise's career spent mostly under the radar, just to the right of the slim slice of hip hop culture represented by corporate-backed television and pop radio critique...

Top 50 is the latest drop from Wise Intelligent's latest album Wise Intelligent IZ EL NEGRO GUERRERO (The Black Warrior). I stopped paying any mind to those Top 5/10/100 Lists a long time ago, and Wise is a good example of why. As much as "real" hip hop fans try to justify the lists' criteria, the only way to really make a list of "greats" is to sell lots and lots of records. Too many things go into selling tons of records that (at best) I just don't care about. Doesn't matter that much to me. What I care about is passion and artistry. Wise has both in spades.

Wise can rhyme in any style or cadence, and put knowledge in it for good measure. That's what's up...
Anyways, Wise Intelligent IZ EL NEGRO GUERRERO (The Black Warrior) is out already, click here to cop it on iTunes.


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