"They wanna pit rap against hip hop. Same thang. Like blue in the vein, red in the air. Same gang." @Th3oryHazit

If you didn't know blood was blue when it's in the veins because there isn't any oxygen in it, and only turns red in the arteries after it gets oxygen from the lungs (or when it is spilled into the oxygen-rich air)... or that the Bloods is a gang that wears red... or that there was a song called All in the Same Gang about the desire for truce between the Bloods and the Crips (a rival gang who wear blue), then I understand why that line doesn't impress you like it does me. Listen to this record Thelonious Long Play anyway when you got an hour to burn...

Yeah... I'm a nerd about my rap shit.  Anyways, this is a Christian rap record. You may not have noticed because it didn't sound like a Sunday School lesson. I promise it was Christian rap. It's okay, you can like it anyways. Thelonious Long Play  features beats by Theory Hazit and raps by assorted rap dudes you pro'lly never heard of.  I have nothing more to add.

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