Wolverine vs The Black Panther. FIGHT!

 Three of my favorite Marvel Universe characters (Storm, Wolverine and T'challa the Black Panther) are on the cover of Wolverine #8 (I guess this is the New 52 Wolverine or something... I haven't been paying attention), and it features the mighty Alan Davis/Mark Farmer amalgam on the art. I'm still not gonna buy it, but thanks for trying Marvel!

Let me just get this out of the way: Under optimum circumstances, Wolverine would be totally outclassed fighting the Black Panther. T'challa could beat Captain America and Iron Man at the same time if he saw them coming. And in this case, Wolverine's most important super-power is either gone, or at least waning. For those taking score, that's not optimum conditions. Wolverine is not nearly as formidable without the ability to shrug off otherwise fatal injuries. Unless Storm is backing Wolverine up, Logan would not know what hit him. That said, this is Wolverine's book, and right now, the Marvel U is treating T'challa like a punching bag, so I expect the writer to dumb him down big time. 
"I wish I was a little bit taller..."
Also, despite what them movies starring Baby Huey would have you believe, T'challa (at 6 feet) is at least a head taller than Wolverine, who should be a pudgy 5' 3"...
But I hope Wolverine #8 sells well, just so the fine folks at the Mickey Marvel Mouse Club will know the Panther has fans. Wolverine #8, which I'm sure will feature at least one page of snarky ex banter between Storm and T'challa, arrives in stores August 14th.



Anonymous said...

I am not reading any comic with storm in it, untill they stop with that stupid mohawk haircut. Just because it worked in the 80's does not mean it's a cool or "edgy" hairstyle now.

Samax said...

Lol! I hear you...
I wish they would do a cornrow-hawk. Or reference something afropunk chicks are doing, instead jumping in the way-back machine.

In a discussion last night, a friend remarked how an executive at one of the major publishers was quoted as saying comics are made for 40 year old men. Clearly part of the mohawk storm thing is nostalgia.

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