Seeking Submissions: (Un)Dead Celebrities

For once, the rumors are true. There is definitely a short Michael Jackson comic (by that dude Howard Russell) in the next issue of GhettoManga Quarterly, which is under construction right now... I'm also looking to include fan art of other celebrities as undead creatures, so sharpen your pencils, fire up your cyntiq, and get to work...

I'm hoping to create a tribute to some of the celebs that have passed on by bringing them back for our (Un)Dead Celebrities art section...  For our purposes, any kind of resurrected celebs will do, so long as it's clear they died and came back... Angels, cyborgs, zombies, vampires, ghosts, mummies... I'll even take werewolves, cause I'm feeling generous! Any form of art that I can print is cool: paintings, comics, strips, 3d, sketches, color or black and white. You can submit old art, as long as it fits the theme. Please, only celebrities who are dead already (I know you may WISH Kanye would jump off a bridge, but that doesn't count...). It makes sense to try and be original: I am not filling the gallery section with nothing but MJ pics (if you need ideas, just say so, and I'll post some in the comments)... If there are duplicates, I will just choose the one I like best, or that gives me the arrangement I want. As usual, I will do the art section, and cram as many pieces into the issue as I can. Get at me with questions, and let's get those pieces in by September 30th AUGUST 31st at the latest.  Send submissions and questions to undead[at], tough guy!
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Arkonbey said...

does Carl Sagan count as a celebrity? He was on TV, after all ;)

I'm desperately trying to come up with an original celebrity or at least an original way of portraying an undead.

samax said...

Carl Sagan is a great choice! My definition of "undead" for these purposes is wide open, so have fun with it!

B_Steelo said...

aww shnap

Nathan Seabolt said...

This sounds like so much fun, I'm tempted to kill Justin Bieber. Just kidding, I'll draw someone else...don't call the cops, okay?

samax amen said...

Wanting J. Biebs to die slow is hardly a crime. At least not around here!

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