Deviant of the Day #110- "Adventuretime" Wallpaper anyone?

AdventureTime Wallpaper by IxHeartxWAR

I have been geeking over the Cartoon Network original series Adventure Time for some time now, so I was freaking elated to find this fresh-to-death wallpaper by 16 year old digital artist  and aspiring graphic designer Alyssa Oliver (that's IxHeartxWAR to you, tough guy) on DeviantArt...
in case you've never watched it, Adventure Time stars preteen hero Finn the Human and his size-changing, shape-shifting sidekick slash best bud Jake the Dog and chronicles their (mis)adventures in the mystical and mythical land of Oo. Finn and Jake battle all manner of creatures, go on quests, and kick it with Oo's many princesses. Not for nothing, but Adventure Time is hilarious and impressively violent for a funny toon. Cartoon Network is dropping the DVD/Blu Ray this month. Click here to pre-order Adventure Time: My Two Favorite People on Amazon with my recommendation.  I'm sorry, what was I talking about? OH YEAH! Alyssa was even more excited than me... I mean, I didn't whip up an Adventure Time wallpaper in multiple sizes, did I? True dat... click here to visit her DeviantArt gallery and download the zip file!

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