start the day off Right w/Playdough

While you were scheming on that one chick at the party last night, I was up drawing a mixtape cover for Playdough and... nah, I can't give that away yet. Forget I mentioned it... just listen to Wanderer, the hidden track off his solo debut Lonely Superstar...

Yeah, you're welcome. Here's Palm Sunday , another banger off that record, because nothing says "I love you" like dope raps.
So anyways, I think it's fair to call myself a big fan of Playdough's since I have bought most of his records (you know... with money and stuff?), even buying mixtapes (yeah, they used to make mixtapes that were actually worth paying for) he appeared on, just to get his latest track. In the late nineties, Playdough was a big part of the reason I stopped buying mainstream records and started swimming almost exclusively in the indie pool. I eventually lost interest in BET and MTV too, since they didn't play any videos from the artists I cut for.
Speaking of videos, here's a nice little Bootleg-style video for The Business, off of his latest album Hotdoggin'... I did the teeshirt design for the album's limited edition release goodie bag [shout out to that dude Thomas Hall (Robot 13, Indy Comicbook FAIL, King!) who quarterbacked that for me!], which is probably how I got the job doing the art for this mixtape Playdough is doing with... HA! You almost got me! I better bounce before I spill the beans... Click here for more posts about Playdough, or visit his website
Have a great day!

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Mr. Hawthorne said...

Yeah, big Playdough fan too man! I've paid for the mixtapes, which are better than most albums.

Can't wait to see what you're cooking up!


samax said...

yep. I been a huge fan since the Sonic Imperial mixtape. It makes me giddy to be doing art for him!

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