Comicbook World #60 Dude challenges disobediant stepdaughter in armored COMBAT

While you're sitting around with fam debating about whether it's appropriate to spank your bad ass kids, this dude skipped the belt and the switch, and grabbed the mother effin' SWORD...

Your main man: Renaissance Fair enthusiast Fremon Seay decided that his 16 year old stepdaughter was cruising for a bruising when she went to some kind of party without permission. After allegedly slapping her up a bit, he then opted to give her a fighting chance... literally! He forced her to suit up in armor, grab a wooden sword and do battle with him for two hours while her mom stood by and watched.
I'm not sure where they conducted their Gladiatorial combat, but apparently they don't have a private coliseum, because both parents were arrested, and insist that it is their right to beat the living shit out of discipline their daughter however they see fit.  Although the mother (who works at a daycare... NICE!) did not participate, she didn't intervene either, so she is being charged with abuse as well.
 Jokes (mostly) aside, I don't think we all need to agree where discipline ends and abuse begins. While I applaud anyone who can raise kids effectively without physical discipline, I am not above handing out a spanking when it's warranted. Having said that, I'm pretty sure NO ONE needs to get their ass beat for two straight hours, unless they are some kind of professional fighter. I'm glad the dude at least gave the girl some armor, but if you think your kid is so bad that you need to beat someone that long, you have officially FAILED as a parent. No point getting MEDIEVAL on your kid  Just walk away, bro...
(Unless your kid's a Thunder God... then it's cool...)
Anyways, the teenager in question is reportedly recovering fine, despite being bruised all over her body from her run-in with her own personal Odin. For now, she and the two other kids from the home are staying with relatives. There is no news of whether or not she will level up and challenge him to a rematch for the throne that is rightfully hers or whatever...


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