Cover art and Trailer: "White Scripts and Black Supermen: Black Masculinities in comic Books"

Hell yes! This is a documentary I've been waiting on...

If I hadn't already been fired up to see this, the cover art by John Jennings would have piqued my interest. Of course, I've been waiting on White Scripts and Black Supermen for some time (even though I didn't know the name) for some time now, so having cover art by one of the co-authors of Black Comix is gravy.

There's lots of discussion about characters like Luke Cage, the Black Panther, the Falcon, etc and where they come from and what they have meant and continue to mean to children and adults who grow up with them. I particularly enjoyed this segment by Dr Adilifu Nama, author of Super Black: American Pop Culture and Black Superheroes who gives his take on intentionality as it pertains to these heroes. He cites several cases (including Jay-z's sample on Hard Knock Life) where the creator's intention is subverted by an audience. I find his views to be very reflective of my own, which are informed by hip hop culture.
Anyways, I'm geeking... the prospect of having this level of discourse about comics (let alone black superheroes) gets me fired up. Suffice to say I believe this movie needed to get made! Hit up for more clips and news about the it!


corance said...

Yeah, I'm really feeling this doc. It would be great if it could get theatrical release.

samax said...

He's on a film festival tour now. I'm gonna try to contact him and see if I can get bring it to Dallas!

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