PREVIEW- Secret Avengers #18

 A superhero chopping a dude's head in half on this John Cassaday cover? Warren Ellis at the type writer? No, it's not a "New 52" reboot of StormWatch: Black, The Authority or Planetary, it's just Secret Avengers #18...  the dome-splitting duty is courtesy of Shang Chi's deadly hands of kung fu, so Jack Hawksmoor can take the day off. I haven't read a single issue of Secret Avengers so I can't provide any context for these pages (which have no letters yet), but I understand Shang Chi getting his Ong Bak on, so I figured you would too...

Here's the Sales Pitch:
A can of matter the size of a football, mined from a broken universe, would be enough to turn the Earth into a sun. There are people, hidden from the view of the world, who would do that either to hold the planet to ransom -- or just to die knowing they took everyone else with them. And right now there are just three people -- Steve Rogers, The Black Widow and Shang-Chi -- between us and total annihilation, trapped on a space station in the No-Zone...

That last panel reminded me that Warren Ellis is writing this book... Anyways, Secret Avengers #18 drops October 26.

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corance said...

I'm tellin' ya, one thing Ellis, and Ennis for that matter, is good at is coming up with messed up ways to die.

Always makes for exciting comics.

samax said...

Lol... true dat!

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