New Video: "Kain't Moov Nuthin" - Heath McNease and For Beat's Sake

Yeah, I'm rocking the crap outta this fresh-to-death Heath McNease video Kan't Moov Nuthin'... what of it, tough guy?

This joint is off Heath's nerdcore classic Straight Outta Console: The Nintendo Thumb Mixtape , which has provided me hours of bumpage, courtesy of Nintendo-spawned beat samples by ForBeatsSake, who I came to know and love on Playdough's concept joint Writer Dye. Straight Outta Console is my first real exposure to the talented mister McNasty's music (although I got to know his image which I recreated in this artwork I did for his upcoming collabo mixtape with Playdough), and dude is nice. He earned my respect the hard way while staying on task on tracks like 40 Hard Bars, Style Points (f/ Playdough and Manchild), Turtle Van Damme and the ode to the Spidey lore, Bonesaw is Ready. Fresh, I say!

So anyways, this video was directed by Danny Hidlago, for Spirit Juice Studios, so act like ya know, bro... he got his kids starring in the video, because membership has its privileges or whatever. Enjoy!


B_Steelo said...

that was fresh

samax said...

That dude at the beginning had an authentic eighties mullet! He looked like Corey Haim upin'is!

shezcrafti said...

OMFG this is tight. I'm reblogging the shit outta this!

samax amen said...


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