IN STORES NOW- Static Shock #2

 I think it's fair to say I was a huge fan of the original Static comic Milestone put out back in the day, not so much the Static Shock cartoon series. The jury is still out on this new 52 Static Shock reboot by Scott McDaniel (Nightwing), but I will keep an open mind until I get to read it. Oh wait, here's a preview! Let's check it out...

Okay, I am officially not impressed. But that doesn't mean anything... I reserve the right to change my mind later... Static Shock #2 is in stores now. If you copped it (or the 1st issue) feel free to drop a line and let me know what YOU thought!


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@DwainIBe said...

Honestly, I don't recognize the new Virgil. Not at all. Think I let my nostalgia for Milestone sway my emotions with picking up the first issue.
Static (I refuse to say Shock) works better grounded, this is too much scifi. I interviewed Robert Washington III a long time ago and he said that ppl liked Static because it reminded them of Lee/Kirbys early Spider-Man. I'm not seeing any of that here. Feels really rushed...maybe I missed it but I don't get the move to NY, the new family members or even how Hardware is involved. Haven't picked up #2 yet and if I do, doubt I'll grab anymore. Sorry to hijack the thread. This new Static just leaves me disappointed.

samax said...

No apology needed... I WANT people to comment :)

I definitely felt the Spidey vibe with early Static (I don't say shock either), and I also miss it in this preview. I was glad to see the Milestone books folded into the DCU, but I don't see why Dakota didn't come with them (especially with the reboot).

I still prefer the original Static costume to the confused mess that is the "Static Shock" redesign. JP Leon drew a character that was memorable... the redesign is kind of blah IMO.

ross said...

agreed on this new Static being too sci-fi or something, but overall i dig the art. i actually really liked the Static cartoon (*dodges thrown objects*), even if his costume was terrible, i should give that a watch again. i knew who Static and the Milestone people were but i think i was like a lot of people who really got brought into it via the Static show. i'm still kind of a Milestone newbie, the only series i've read in its entirety is Blood Syndicate.

it's cool if you like the DCU angle, but i was not pleased with the Dakota stuff being put into the DCU. i hate shared universe stuff and the Dakotaverse was built and designed from the ground up as being by itself, and putting it in the DCU seems lazy and gimmicky to me and the characters just don't fit. just like putting Wildstorm into the DCU feels weird and incongruous. i guess if the Milestone characters would otherwise never be used again, or if it'll get them exposure and attention, then fine, put them in the DCU, but i'm not seeing anybody but Static, Xombi, and a tiny bit part for Hardware. where's Blood Syndicate?!? XD

samax said...

I feel pretty sure the characters were doomed to never appear again, so that's why I "endorse" the move to the DCU. That said, it is going to be awkward for longtime fans watching characters that used to be stars line up behind existing DC icons and second-stringers.

Cartoons always help with the popularity of characters, and (like movies) their redesigns and tinkering with story and continuity often result in retconning comics to match. This is why fans get so sticky about differences between the comics and cartoons.

DC and Marvel don't always do a good job of capitalizing on the new fans that cartoons generate. "Teen Titans Go" (for example) had LOTS of female fans, in particular fans of Raven and Starfire, and reportedly DC dropped the ball with its reboot version of Starfire.

Anyways, Static Shock was a decent cartoon, but I didn't watch it much. I'm sure lots of fans of the cartoon are checking for this new series. I hope they like it.

@DwainIBe said...

At this point Static and hologram Hardware are the only ones left from Dakota as Xombi just got cancelled again.
Regarding Static, I want toys, films, etc about him. What bothers me is I remember how Static was. The original had heart, you could see Virgil growing into a hero, making mistakes and learning from them along the way. I see a lot of this in Miles Morales (not to change the subject) but this new Virgil ain't for me.

samax said...

I hear you...

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