PREVIEW- Invincible #83

There isn't any fighting in this 5 page preview of Invincible #83. Still, this is one of the best previews I have read in a long time. Superb writing and art that addresses all the conflicts (physical and otherwise) that are likely to erupt in this issue.
Here's the Sales Pitch:
Tether Tyrant and Magmaniac have long stood on the sidelines of the villain community – until now! Invincible has more than enough to deal with now that his life is in ruins dealing with the aftermath of... oh, that would be telling...

Is it just me, or does Mark's girlfriend Eve look thicker than a Snicker on that last page? Well played Ottley... Actually, everyone kicked mad tail on this preview. Kirkman moves the story along quickly with satifying dialogue and scene changes. Ryan Ottley's art gets better every time I see it. He cartoons the characters, but they stay consistent. Rathburn is smashing it... the colors are making their mark without overdoing it. Every part is doing its job, leading to my anticipation of what waits in the rest of the issue. You won't hafta wait long, though... Invincible #83 will be in stores tomorrow, October 5th.

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