Method Man + Sour Patch Kids = WTF?!?

Whoever touched Method Man on the shoulder then convinced him to record a song (with profanity) and shoot this video about Sour Patch Kids candy is a persuasive genius of Biblical proportions. As good of a look as it is for Sour Patch Kids, I think it's gonna be a snafu for Mef...

I mean, I get it: Meth got bills to pay just like me, and I'm sure he got payed well for this. Sour Patch Kids are sour (POW!) then they're sweet (aaaw!), so why not get a rapper who's kinda grimey to do the promo? But, um what you're saying is Meth is a tough guy, but then he's... sweet. Wait, what? Talkin'about eating little dudes... wow. Cue the diss tracks...
I enjoyed the Biz Markie Tune Up commercials... but Meth is NOT Biz, knah mean?
Excuse me while I wash my ears out with the Blackout tape...
Am I wrong? Overreacting? Somebody say something...

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Mr.Ron1 said...

WOW! I gotta say let it go chief. They all do it after a certain point. These dudes got fam to support, you already know the deal. I just find it scary that I was actually bobbin to it(yikes). I never seen someone go in on it like that. Usually its just some short corny shit (Ice Cube & Coors/Busta & Mountain Dew) or voice over style like Eminem and Lipton.

samax said...

yeah, I know, I know... woo-sah!

Anonymous said...

its amazing and incredible!

samax said...

LOL! Thanks for posting that!
I'll take Super Game Boytang over Sour Patch Tical!

trapfever said...

you know what? in a single post you turned what looked like it might have been an interesting new blog to follow into some BS that I am gonna make sure everyone I know avoids. good job.

So what if Meth did a joint for SPK? did you even think that hey, maybe it was just fun for him? and topping it off he got PAID. that's the bottom line. it is his career, after all. sometimes you gotta do a joint to bring in the loot.

it's "rap fans" like you that embody the decline of the industry.

thanks to you and your try-hard brethren the hip-hop game went from being fun, entertaining and expressive to being about how gutter you are, and ridiculous street cred.

go find another genre to ruin.

samax said...

Lol! I guess I can put you down for "samax, you're overreacting."

I think you're taking my post too serious. It's fine if he does it, I just thought it was weird and wrote a blog post about it. I don't think my blog post will ruin hip hop, so it's cool. Either way, I think I have a right to my opinion.

In any case, thanks for your response. I totally respect your right to blacklist my blog after reading one post.


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