"Hardbody Deluxe" release info and teaser art

 I've been sweating bullets over Hardbody Deluxe since I caught wind of this ill multimedia project my indie comics dude  Adofo (Neverknots, Still I Rise) was doing in conjunction with street hop dude MarQ Spekt. "I wrote a story about a guy who just got fed up with just talking about the ills of the industry that tried to swallow him and spit him out..." says Spekt about the project... "Think Falling Down but in HipHop form and with more blood. Yep, that’s the story of Hardbody Deluxe." I never really stopped geeking after that... I was able to get it together enough to gather this information and some preview material from the artists...

 Here's the Sales Pitch:
Labor of love Comic/Magazine from the studios of MarQ Spekt and Adofo Illustration's Wolf Windblade. It's almost ready to go.....the book will include the HardBody Deluxe comic, excerpts from New Orleans Author R. Kay' upcoming novel, a videogame rundown from Detroit MC Danny Brown, an exclusive recipe from NY MC/Chef Action Bronson, some Graffiti from Philly vet KENES and more. The book draws from the twisted imagination's of Spekt and Wolf Windblade and the inspiration comes from an aggressive HipHop aesthetic lost in todays culture.
HARDBODY DELUXE will be out 12/11.
Also includes codes for hidden download links for exclusive music.

Just Spekt's gab about the project inspires mad mental activity, but the knowledge that an underground phenom like Adofo is on the case has pushed me into full-blown fan mode! If I knew how much it was gonna cost, I'd be figuring out how to set aside the money right now. Having read a few comics by this dude, I can honestly say that I'm excited at the prospect of seeing this, and you should be too.
"[Hardbody Deluxe] will be a hip hop multimedia explosion of art, music and more. I’m finishing up the comic book that will be available in print and online..." Adofo said on his new Hardbody Deluxe-centric fanpage.  "So stick your forehead in your own stocking and look for a red hoodie and Timbs when the ol’ boy come falling down the chimney..."

That thought balloon with the little pig in it is worth a gold bar! Anyways, I know a lot less than I would like about Hardbody Deluxe, but if you read down this far, you know what I know! Stay tuned, and I'll share more info about it as I get it!

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