The "Secret Origin" of Blackalicious

My second favorite album of all time is the epic hip hop experiment Blazing Arrow by the mighty Blackalicious crew (only because Public Enemy's It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back is 100% unsinkable... sorry guys). One of my favorite tracks off the record is Paragraph President, which they perform live in the clip below. Vevo cuts out the last verse (which is EXTREMELY dope), but I can forgive them since it makes room for Gab and Xcel to explain how they came together on some WonderTwin isht...

Hot stuff... Blazing Arrow features weapons-grade rhyming by Gift of Gab, armor-piercing production by Chief Xcel (who manages to make funk samples interesting again!), and an assembly of guest emcees, background singers, poets, and other assorted ingredients that are blended in a way that is just this side of pure perfection. There are NO wack songs on this record. NONE! Plus the album's art is the BOMB as well! I can't believe I have never posted a real review of Blazing Arrow, because it really is my second favorite record ever. So anyways, I don't have time to do a blow-by-blow of the album right now, but it should go without saying that I recommend this album, but really, you can cop anything by Blackalicious (even if I haven't heard it) and I would still say that's a good use of your hard-earned scrill. If you're a Blackalicious fan, click here and hit up the Official Blackalicious page. But before you go, hit us on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments and let us know what's your favorite Blackalicious song?

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