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Here's a preview of Sword & Soul Adventures, which Kris Mosby illustrated based on a short story supplied to him by talented indie writer Milton Davis (Meji, U-Day, Griots: A Sword and Soul Anthology). 

Here's the Sales Pitch:
After becoming involved with a human, Shangé is banished from the realm of the Creator Spirits. She now wanders the land of The First Peoples in human form along with a powerful Simba, that possesses the essence of her mortal lover Mijoga.
Receiving a mental distress call, Shangé and Mijoga head East towards the Great Rift Valley to aid a village terrorized by an ancient otherworldly evil.

Mosby and Davis have a great relationship, based on mutual respect...  another example of the far-reaching effects of
"I first met Kris Mosby a couple of years ago at the site Black Super Hero." Davis reveals on his blog. "From the beginning he showed an interest in Sword and Soul, often complementing positively on stories and excerpts I posted on the site. I was also a fan of Kris’s work. His style of digital painting is intriguing and his attention to the female form is amazing."
Clearly Mosby was really feeling the Sword and Soul stuff, going so far as supplying artwork to Davis of characters in his stories, and eventually giving him an image of Shange, a seed that took root in the fertile soil of Davis' mind. He included Kris' character in his short story Mwanamke Tembo (The Elephant Woman). 
"But I wasn’t done with Shange." Davis chuckles. "Her story begged for its own adventure. No sooner did I finish the first adventure did I begin a story for Shange. Walaji Damu (The Blood Eaters) is an adventure solely for this lovely heroine and her feline companion.  I sent the story to Kris with a selfish suggestion.  ’This would make a great graphic novel,’ I said."
 And soon the pages started coming in. Kris and Milton have their own fans and admirers, but I'm interested to see the impact that these two cats can have working together... and I'm not alone.
"I’m looking forward to writing another story for him soon." the writer teases. "Maybe it will be the second Sword and Soul graphic novel." Before he gets ahead of himself, you should go ahead and click here to cop the first (and only... so far) Sword & Soul Adventures comic on IndyPlanet!

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