New pages from Brandon Graham's "Multiple Warheads:Downfall"

Here's some more pages from Brandon Graham's upcoming Multiple Warheads: Downfall, which collects early tales from his post-apocalyptic werewolf romance comic.

This was  the cover of the Oni Press one-shot that introduced me to Warheads...

One of my favorite artists posted on Facebook about turning down a lucrative job drawing porn comics. The consensus is that it would be impossible to transition from drawing porn to drawing more mainstream stuff. Of course, my thoughts went straight to Brandon, who shows no signs of being held back by his time drawing the adult children's books. I guess I would need Brandon's input about that to be sure. I'm sure someone has interviewed him about it (feel free to start it up in comments or on Twitter Brandon!)...

As for me, I'm not sure I could draw a porn book that anyone would want to read, but I don't know if I would want to do it or not. It's definitely not something I have a desire to do, but unless someone actually approaches me to do one, I will probably never know.
ANYWAYS... I'm excited about the impending release of Downfall. Brandon is getting lots of well-deserved shine as the writer of Prophet, but Warheads is my sheet. For those who've never read it, Multiple Warheads is the story of Sexica, an organ smuggler in post-apocalyptic Russia, and her werewolf boyfriend. When I originally read it, I had no idea that Brandon originated the concept as a porn comic, but it made perfect sense once I found out. Downfall was originally scheduled for September drop, but obviously that's not to be... If his blog can be believed, Brandon sent the book off to the Image elves last week and the book should be out soon, so don't freak out! It's coming... I mean, it's on the way!

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