"The role of layout artist in 2D animation is equal to that of the camera man and the actor in live action..." @LeSeanThomas

The high-speed inspiration train that is teevee animation producer/director LeSean Thomas don't stop. Peep the fifth and final episode of his groundbreaking documentary series Seoul Sessions, in which LeS and crew take us on a tour of the mysterious and extremely important world of animation production in South Korea. 

For the record, everybody here at GhettoManga hearts LeSean big-time. While we are sad to see Seoul Sessions end, we are crazy thankful for this unprecedented peak behind the veil. Hopefully there are plans to make some kind of extended director's cut version available in the future. Until then, we'll continue to follow LeSean's adventures. Can't wait to see where he turns up next!



corance said...

Yes!!! LeSean got his hustle-on over there. So proud of him. To go to another country to learn, and wind up producing his own comic into an anime.

Now it's time for me to get moving!

samax amen said...

As it turns out, "LeSean" is French for "Like a boss". Loosely translated.

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