"WALKING WITH GODS" starring David Banner is my new SHEET!!!

Jackson, Mississippi's favorite son David Banner is beating up the game again, this time with the debut of his live action superhero web series Walking With Gods, in which he stars as Alex, a southern cat whose perfect life is upended when an evil deity decides to get all up in his shit. Credits also include the mighty Dawud Anyabwile (Brotherman) on storyboards and producing and John Jennings (The Hole, Black Comix, Black Kirby) on graphic design.

I knew it was on when I saw this art by my dude JOHN JENNINGS!

 For those who don't know, Banner (yes, he named himself after the HULK's trying-not-to-be-mad scientist alter ego) made his reputation primarily as a rapper, but showed me he had some pretty good acting chops in his chilling portrayal of southern pimp Tehronne in Black Snake Moan. Banner's exploits outside of the soundproof booth have continued to gain him a ton of respect in the circles I run in, particularly his down-to-earth yet revolutionary stances on politics, the creative industries and black empowerment through entrepreneurship. That brings us to Walking With Gods, where I'm betting he's bringing all his influences and savvy together to create a new vision of post- blaxploitation super blackness. 

I'm really impressed with this show, based on what I've seen here. From what I can tell, Banner is releasing the chapters to his fans first, so it's pro'lly a good idea to subscribe to his YouTube channel, and if you're REALLY feeling it, drop a couple bucks in the donation plate at DavidBanner.com. As for me, I blessed the effort myself (even though I'm broke!), because I appreciate what son is about. I will keep you posted with any developments on Walking With Gods as I get them.
have a good one...


corance said...

I liked this. Acting's a little wooden from Banner, but his character's cool, and the other actors are great.

The back story's a bit complex. He might have waited for a later episode to reveal all that. But, it was interesting, none the less.

I was especially impressed with the fight scene. They seemed dedicated to making it good, despite what their resources were. That part where she through the knife, and he dodged it was kinda awesome.

I hope they continue with this series. I'd like to see more.

samax amen said...

Word! Just saw this comment now, Thanks, Corance!

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