"Can't even go to Wal-Mart. Got b*tches twerkin' by the cakes..." -Rah Digga #hipHopGrewUp

photo by Chris Protagonist

This is priceless for lots of reasons. There is something really delightful about encountering evidence that hip hop is a grown up culture. This song New Hoes, by the venerable Rah Digga, first lady of the legendary Flipmode and Outsidaz crews is definitely an instance of that... 
 "Now they going home to practice
how to make it gyrate.
Tryin'a keep a kid a kid?
Good luck, it might be too late..."
Despite what mainstream hip hop media would have you believe, female rappers (or males for that matter) don't all stop rapping when they turn 30 and go get a day job. Of course, most of the ones you might name still rap exclusively about the same subjects as when they were teenagers, but this song New Hoes shows the flip side of it. Rah Digga would never be classified as a "conscious rapper"... but she is a parent. That shit will make you sensitive to the environment you are trying to raise your kids in. 
Does Digga also routinely spit about some rugged "bust-you-in-your-mouth" type shit? Yes, Lord, yes... and we LOVE her for it, but I love her even more for turning her wrath on the over-sexualization of teenagers in popular culture.  As far as I'm concerned, the problem doesn't lie with the rappers and singers who rap about that shit. I am too smart to blame Li'l Whoever for the fact that the radio and teevee standards have been on a steady decline for decades. We have to take responsibility, as a culture and as individuals. Parents and authority figures who listen to songs about oral sex and strip clubs in the SUVs while kids are riding with 'em need to rethink that. Otherwise, Like Digga's sayin', you're getting "all [your] sisters and daughters and nieces ready for the pros! NEW HOES!!!"


Al Williams said...

Yo....I missed rah digga....so much truth in that....

samax amen said...

Yeah, I love Digga... It's always a good time to hear a woman spit real stuff.

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