#np "NEW YORK RAP" by DLP f/ Napoleon Da Legend, Fred the Godson, Dro Pesci

"Fuck pursuit of happiness; 
we pursuing the next dollar."
-Napoleon Da Legend
 * Napoleon always brings you that knowledge:
The 'founding fathers' knew 'the pursuit of happiness' was flimsy, so the Constitution verbiage dropped it in favor of "Life, Liberty, and Property". Anyways...

It's always good to see people you eff wit effing with each other. On DLP's new joint, GhettoManga favorite Napoleon da Legend rides the track 'longside Brooklyinite Fred the Godson who I got turned on to at my last temp job (peace to my dude Big Mike from the BK), plus, that dude Taiyamo Denku mixed it down, so it's a party!

I'm not familiar with Dro Pesci, but he goes hard on this track, so I guess I'ma hafta look into him or something.  What the hell, while we're on DLP's soundcloud, let's peep this laid back posse joint 25/8 since Napoleon and Dro both flow on it...

Based off this session on his page... DLP is sick leaning on the boards. I'ma hafta keep an eye on this dude. Anyways, I'm out! 
Happy New Year!
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