Up late drawing and listening to old school raps. Join me, won't you?

I'm up late drawing and dropping links to old school Youtube joints on Facebook. No, Biggie isn't old school. Sorry...
"Visiting time: I think it's on a Sunday.
But notice they only get one day
To shine. The rest of the week is mine
and I'll blind you with the science that the others have yet to find..."
-the mighty MC LYTE
Why yes, Cha Cha Cha IS the best thing ever. How did you know? But for real, come drop some links, quotables and whatever on Facebook with me if you're up. Nothing after, say 1993. I'll update this blog post later with the good ones (including credit for the sharer) if y'all play along.
Before I go:
That dude Chris Herod started it with this banger Peach Fuzz by KMD. I was talkin' about MF DOOM tracks and Herod dropped this track with a pre-Metal Face Dumile aka Sev Love X and his crew before the tragic death of his brother sent him down his villainous path... 
That led me to my favorite 3rd Bass joint Steppin' to the A.M. (with a nod to my less exciting late night adventures...



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