I drew Blade again...

Here's a drawing of the Daywalker I drew today on the title page of the Black Comix hardcover one of my customers ordered. I was a fan of Blade going back to the Danny Ketch Ghostrider Spirits of Vengeance days, but when that dude Wesley Snipes took on the role in the Blade Trilogy, he freakin' OWNED it! Snipes' Wu-tang flavored bastard samurai take on the character helped launch the superhero movie genre as we know it (of course, white superheroes get all the credit). So even though Marvel is over him, I still see Wes in my head when I think about Blade.
Anyways, if you order a copy of Black Comix from the GhettoManga online store I will draw any black comic book character you want on the title page. We only have a limited number of copies in stock, so act like you know.


Samax Amen has been mixing his comics with hip hop since the late eighties. One of his goals is to draw at least fourteen nerdcore-themed hip hop album covers in 2014. Click here if you wanna get down with that.

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