"My inner prize is more precious than the Enterprize. Starship Star Trekking when the pen applies" @Th3oryHazit of DC COMETS #nerdcore

I'm a big fan of Kentucky native emcee-producer Theory Hazit, so I was intrigued to see him combine with Cream of Beats under the moniker DC Comets.  Peep DC Comets' new video Astro, where Hazit gets his MF DOOM on courtesy of a cheap gladiator helmet...
 Before someone writes me about how Theory Hazit is "biting" MF DOOM, I guess I will give my own impression. Like DOOM, Vast Aire, Pharoahe Monch, Jean Grae, Sean Price and more, I suspect Theory Hazit is into comics and other assorted nerdery (what my dudes Rapture and 7even:Thirty call Dirty Nerd Shit). I suspected as much from the magnificent single Ole Dirty Hazit off his album THR3E. Besides the obvious Wu-tang reference of the song's title (for the record, it doesn't get any more raw nerdcore than Wu-tang), he wears a hoodie with Superman's face on the side in the video. 
That's the kind of wardrobe choice that is meant to call out to fellow nerds in the audience in a song that chronicles how he gave up his life as a half-way crook. As far as nerdcore emceeing is concerned, DOOM is the emperor of that shit, so biting could happen unintentionally, but that mask is too much to excuse... except I don't think he's into making his own face unknown and creating a whole identity out of it as DOOM has. Plus, he's rocking a viking helmet in his Twitter avatar. I think he's broadcasting his nerdcore status more than he's specifically thinking about building a schtick around it.
Anyways, using the name DC Comets and then rapping in a style that isn't particularly aimed at non-hip hoppers gets Hazit another cool point from GhettoManga. This is nerdcore rap for hip hoppers, not aimed at all comics heads, just the hip hoppers at the local sci-fi convention. Whether or not that is an important feature of what DC Comets is trying to do as a group remains to be seen of course, but for now...
Excelsior, son...-samax.   
Samax Amen has been mixing his comics with hip hop since the late eighties. One of his goals is to draw at least fourteen nerdcore-themed hip hop album covers in 2014. Click here if you wanna get down with that.

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