"Matt Hearts Elektra" limited edition print by @SamaxAmen to hang in @ArtLoveMagic's milestone exhibit next month.

Matt Hearts Elektra by Samax Amen (11x17 )
Matt Hearts Elektra is just a fan art print, right? Or is it a veiled musing on the confusing, breathtaking and downright dangerous dance we call love?

Well, obviously, it's both.

I drew this as a freestyle drawing at a live art show, and then colored it in Photoshop this morning to create a limited edition poster print for ArtLoveMagic's 7 Year Anniversary exhibit.
Only 7 signed and numbered copies of Matt Hearts Elektra will be made, including the 7th print, which will hang in the show for the entire month of February 2014 at the Janette Kennedy Gallery in Dallas. 

Matt Hearts Elektra was drawn with brush markers live with no real sketching or anything, so it's full of flaws, but has a great raw feel to it. I absolutely love how it turned out, and the emotional subtext of the piece, which fits with my sensibilities as a cartoonist and a so-called fine artist.

Plus, Valentine's Day is coming up, so... pink.

Anyways, I hope you like it. If you want get your hands on one of these prints, click here and order yours while supplies last!
Samax Amen draws people, places and things for fun and profit. Whenever possible, he makes it awesome. Because you demanded it (well, maybe not YOU, but somebody did), his freestyle comic Spontaneous will be returning this year. He also wants to draw at least 14 album covers in 2014, so click here if you need album art.

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George Rand said...

I envy your spontaneity. Good, honest commentary, too (like always).

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