Felipe Attacks Japan!!!

my long time readers are already familiar with Felipe Smith from my glowing reviews of his extra-dope ghettoManga Award-winning OGN series MBQ, so you may feel the impact of the news that Felipe has moved to Japan to make manga overseas. that means no more english-language comics from Felipe for me (sad face), but Felipe is having a blast cranking out his new Japanese joint Peepo Choo monthly in a magazine called Morning 2, which i will buy, even though i don't read a word of Japanese! what that means for gM fans is i am SCREAMING to you, BUY the MBQ trades, so Felipe will SOMEDAY come back home! they are definitely worth the bread! for now, here's a glimpse of the new book:


Goldi gold said...


Samax said...

goldi, YOU should definitely cop MBQ. i know for a FACT that you'll love it!

Vee (Scratch) said...

I finally purchased all three trades. Heads up, Felipe Smith was featured in paperback titled "Mangaka America: Manga by America's Hottest Artists"

Samax said...

word. I bought it awhile back. nice book!

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