Kevin Killebrew's short film "A Killer Surprise" gets a 10 on my WTFometer...

I am at a loss as to how I should lead into A Killer Surprise, this short film written, directed and produced by video game voice actor Kevin Killebrew, so I will just say that it is hands-down the weirdest shit I have watched on Youtube in a long time. Maybe ever...
So here's the Sales Pitch from the video's "about" tab:

The first-to-face meeting between a serial killing madman and the female agent who's been tracking him will end in a surprise... but for who is the question??

The acting and production values of the initial live-action segment (which made me think of The Chappelle Show) did nothing to prepare me for the insanity that ensues in the animated sequence (by BUNKO STUDIOS). I don't know whether to be troubled or amused, so I take turns with both. There are lots of cool things happening in this short, but it was kind of a mess overall. Still, I won't knock the dude for his effort. I know completing this kind of project must be a lot of work. 
Fr0m what I gather, Killebrew is looking to take A Killer Surprise on the film festival circuit, so I'm sure we'll hear more about it (and Killebrew) as more people get a look at it.


Arkonbey said...

Well, my own WTF meter is not quite pegged but, I'm really not sure if I actually liked the damned thing or not.

The ending leaves me feeling like I just watched a post-modern performance art piece; either they did a poor job of delivering the punchline or I'm just too dense to figure it out.

samax amen said...

Right. I watched it several times trying to understand it, and am pretty close to concluding that it's unintelligible...

Darnel Degand said...

This seems like it could have some potential because it feels like it could be very early rough drafts of something that is being worked out. I just can't tell for sure though.

Antony Drossos said...

Being a HUGE Doctor Who fan, when the Agent refers to the villain as "Doctor", a big stupid grin split my face.
That said, what I get is that these rwo arent merely killer and cop but otherworldly beings involved in a much bigger struggle, kinda like that Denzel Washington movie, " Fallen".
The fact that Agent is wearing clothes laid out by the Doctor (ahem) and then gets drawn into a huge illusionary world is your first hint; the clothes were either laced with drugs or cursed with a spell.
But then again I do tend to read too far into things ( ask me about my interpretation of Leonardo DeCaprio's 'Romeo and Juliette')!

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