Is Robert Love and David Walker's sci-fi comic "Number 13" getting the live action treatment?

I am straight bugging off this proof of concept trailer for Number 13, the live-action adaptation of Robert Love and David Walker's post apocalyptic action comic of the same name, not just because it looks ill, and not just because it stars a stone-grilled black boy, but because I think this would be great for independent black cinema and for black comics.

Okay, I'm calm (I didn't even use any exclamation points)... but there is a real hunger for black science fiction out there. Not just black faces on the screen (we love you Lando), but black voices commenting on technology, culture and the future... you know, the stuff science fiction is about up under all the cool effects. Believe it or not, black people think about that shit, too.
So anyways, there is no official film or television series yet, according the Number 13 Facebook page, but obviously the hunt is officially on. So I will definitely keep my eyes open for more developments with regard to the live action fate of Number 13. Peace to my peoples Jay Potts and Yasin Gregg for making me aware of this trailer!
In the meantime, you should probably get down with this here... 
Here's the Sales pitch:

A young cybernetic amnesiac wanders across a postapocalyptic wasteland, searching for a father he's never known and clues to a past he can't remember. This boy, known only as Number 13, possesses latent powers coveted by the feuding factions in this plague-ravaged world - and he soon becomes entangled in their deadly struggle! Artist Robert Love (Shadow Rock, Alpha Girl) and writer David Walker (Darius Logan, BadAzz MoFo's Book of Spaghetti Westerns) deliver a powerful and poignant tale of a child's search for identity in a grim and violent future.

Story of my life, bro... 
So yeah, the Number 13 trade paperback collection drops in September, but you can click here to pre-order it on Amazon right now. You'll save a few bucks, and I'm sure improving the comic's numbers will help the team seal whatever production deals they have pending. 


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