Lono's getting his do-right on in this preview of Azzarello and Risso's 100 BULLETS: BROTHER LONO #2

Here's the sales pitch:
South-of-the-Border intrigue heats up as a mysterious nun shows up at the monastery where Lono has been hiding out. It doesn’t help that she’s a lot sexier than most nuns have a habit of being...

I always love Eduardo Risso's art, and it's great to return to the 100 Bulletsverse again... I'm looking forward to getting acquainted with Lono as a protagonist, after seeing him mostly as the heartless hand of death in 100 Bullets. Anyways, Brother Lono #2 is in stores now, but I'm trying to resist buying it, so the story can be relatively unknown to me when I eventually buy Brother Lono in trade paperback. Still enjoying the previews, of course...


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