Green Lantern John Stewart + Bernard Chang on art = HELL! YES!

Check out this fabulous preview art from Green Lantern Corps #21 & 22 featuring your man John Stewart and some insanely dope art by top-notch veteran illustrator Bernard Chang!

Here's the Sales pitch for #21:
It’s nonstop action as the Green Lantern Corps faces attacks on Oa and Earth…and Guy Gardner is presented with a choice that could change the balance of power between the different Lantern Corps forever! 

Ouch! Also, John is a player...
Here's the Sales pitch for #22:
John Stewart is the only Lantern who knows about a terrible threat coming for the universe…but if he makes it back to Oa, will he choose to serve in an unrecognizable Corps made up of the strangest new recruits ever to wield a ring?

I have been a fan of Bernard Chang's art ever since I discovered his work on The Visitor and The Second Life of Doctor Mirage for Valiant back in the nineties.  His beautiful sense of structure has only gotten more sophisticated over the years, as can be seen in this preview.  The colors by Marcelo Maiolo complement Chang's art, amplifying the dimensionality and atmosphere of the pages. I'm a big fan of John Stewart, and Chang and Maiolo are making him look like a freaking BOSS!!!
Chang's handling of all the weird aliens and technology is worthy of a science fiction comic like Star Wars or Star Trek, but he is also strong in superhero illustration. Great stuff. Perfect combination of aptitudes for drawing Green Lantern Corps. Anyways, Green Lantern Corps #21 is in stores already, and #22 arrives in comic shops today, July 10th. I need to get my hands on this. If the writing is anywhere near as good as the art, I might be in trouble...

have a great day!

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