These bad girls look SO GOOD in this preview of "RAT QUEENS" #1! Art by the mighty ROC UPCHURCH!

I'm already a fan of Rat Queens artist Roc Upchurch from his work on Vescell, so hopefully this book new book Rat Queens is a testament to his super-speed or something and not that Vescell is cancelled. Whatever the case, this fantasy-based badgirl comic looks dope!
Here's the sales pitch: 
A band of four women, a human, a dwarf, a hobbit and an elf, form an adventuring party to kill monsters and party with the rewards.
alt cover by Fiona Staples ♥

Besides that fact that his name is freaking bomb, Roc Upchurch can draw the shit out of the ladies! He manages to make femme fatales that look smoking hot while still having functional outfits, and I totes respect that, seen? You should also know that the human/ sorceress Dee is going to be my second wife if I figure out how to project myself into this comic on some Grant Morrisson shit, so be advised.
Anyways, Rat Queens #1 is supposed to drop in September, but this is an indy book, so... whatever. I'll let you know when I see that it's in stores.



Arkonbey said...

Dang it! Another comic you've posted that I've never heard of but, now have to get. Sheesh.

As soon as I saw Bett, I thought that she looked very much like Magma when she was turned into an elf while the New Mutants were in Asgard in the New Mutants Special Edition Vol. 1.

How nerdy am I?

samax amen said...

That's pretty nerdy, but nerdy is good, at least in THIS neighborhood (I have that comic, too).

corance said...

That mess looks like it'll be the bomb! And yes, nice to see women the fantasy genre who aren't just wearing metal bikinis.

Plus, they kick ass. And, There are other crews who kick ass, that they'll probably end up fighting.

This book was made with me in mind.

samax amen said...

Yes. I also appreciate the diversity of the cast. I would not have been mad if the black chick was non-human, but I ♥ that she's "the human" on the squad.

corance said...

That one fact gave me renewed faith in humanity.

samax amen said...


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